Organization for Promotion of
Deep-Sea Mining Industries

Japan has abundant resource potential, including seafloor massive sulfide, cobalt-rich manganese crust and methane hydrate, in EEZ which is the sixth largest in the world.
In March 2009, the Japanese government formulated “Plan for the Development of Marine Energy and Mineral Resources”, to promote technological research and industrial activities.
However, the development of these new deep-sea resources requires various advanced technologies in the areas of exploration, mining, lifting, transportation, smelting, environmental impact assessment, and so on. Therefore, it is important to conduct interdisciplinary studies based on wide range of perspectives.
From this point of view, Ocean Mining Industry Promotion Round Table was organized in December 2009, with the aim of further promotion of marine resource development, under the participation and cooperation of academic sector with research institutions and private sector from both of ocean and mining industries, along with other related industrial communities.

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