1.Company Name

Ocean Mining Industry Promotion Roundtable


Nobuaki Aoyama

3.Date Established

December 16, 2009

4.Legal Status

Unincorporated Association

5.Membership Categories Corporate Member, Institutional Member, Governmental Organization Member, Individual Member (Basically from Academia)
6.Organization chart General Meeting
– Chair of the Board
– Vice Chair of Board
– Auditor
Board of Directors
Steering Committee
Secretariat (@RIOE)
7.Major Activities

Conferences & Meetings
Conference and meetings to share the latest information on underwater mining technologies and policies, inviting speakers from the government, research institutions, academic societies, and sometimes from foreign companies and societies.

Field Study Tours
A field tour to learn technologies necessary for the development of underwater mining industry. Every year, we visit research vessels, mine sites, smelting facilities research laboratories, etc.

Research reports on technological and political trends in the underwater mining industry. In 2017, we published Japanese translation of ISA Regulations on prospecting and exploration in the Area.

Education Seminars
Introductory seminar for those interested in underwater mining industry. Participants can take lectures on resource exploration, environmental assessment, law, etc. from experts.